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Quop's aim is to motivate kids and build their faith in themselves because we believe that hope and the future come from the colors and unity of all children. 

Customizable pieces, 
playful touches.

It provides a smart digital platform for 6-10 years old children with type 1 diabetes by comprising a reliable, hygienic, compact insulin therapy equipment that enables remote interaction with their families, healthcare professionals and other children receiving diabetes treatment. It is a versatile health assistant that supports the self-confidence of children with type 1 diabetes by safely managing their treatment without the need for another person, thanks to smart directions such as insulin dose reminders, insulin types to be used, and insulin dosing time.

Let the kids mess up.
Quop picks up.

You can manage your child's smart insulin pen with dose settings that you can determine via the Quop Health mobile application. Again, through the application, you can remind your child about nutrition and exercise with the recommendations of our health consultants, and you can be sure of where and how your child is.

Family, child and health professional interaction


What does the Quop smart insulin kit include?

Considering that children between the ages of 6-10 spend most of the day away from their families in the school environment, it is an important principle that the majority of the treatment can be carried out correctly and effectively by the child. It is critical that the use of medical devices in the school environment is supported in terms of hygiene conditions and that the child does not feel like an outsider. The smart insulin kit we have developed for this purpose interacts with the child in the following order of equipment during the daily insulin treatment process

1- Smart Insulin Pen

2-Needle Box

3-Reminder Equipment

4-Charge Unit

5-Medical Waste Box

Automatic dose adjustment system, interactive assistant

Mechanical design that avoids direct needle contact

Insulin dose intake and daily activity reminders

Universal type charging port

Capacity to collect up to 3 waste needle tips

1. A digital insulin injection device that provides smart directions such as insulin dosing reminders, insulin types to be used, and insulin dosing time

2. Needle tip attachment apparatus that prevents direct contact with the needle and prevents possible accidents.

3. Reminder equipment that integrates with continuous glucose meters on

the marketplace

4. Charging Unit

5. Medical waste apparatus that provides optimum hygiene conditions by preventing toxin formation

While it succeeds in making the treatment process effective and fun for children, it also makes this process remotely controllable and safe for families with its data archive that displays blood sugar data, information on whether insulin supplementation is done, the time of administration and the dose taken, and its instant notification mobile application.

Group 13274.png

Get instant notification of your child's insulin dose and safety with notifications about insulin doses and location information.

Less worry,
high motivation


As a result, with the developed mobile applications and smart equipment, families who can monitor their children's treatment processes remotely reduce their worries, and the value proposition is presented in an inclusive way to the family, children, and healthcare teams.


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